Real Estate Transactions, Foreclosures, and Evictions

If you find yourself in the thick of things in the competitive, fast-paced real estate environment, you need experienced advisors to help you manage the various problems that arise during the process—from the first appraisal to the final sale. At Law SPAC, we have attorneys with several years of experience who have helped landlords, tenants, … Read more

Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you have already recovered from your injuries, you might wonder if you will be able to pursue a lawsuit for personal injury. As long as the injuries you sustained were a result of someone else’s oversight or negligence, you will always have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries. Time or recovery is … Read more

Family Law

Family Law encompasses a broad spectrum of legal cases related to families and domestic relations. These cases vary from common issues such as divorce and disagreements over custody to more unusual events such as name changes or the rights of grandparents. No matter the situation, it’s crucial to have professional legal assistance for guidance in … Read more